Diploma of Higher Education in Criminology and Law

What will you achieve? By the end of the course, you’ll be able to… Reflect on the role of the state in the regulation of criminal behaviour. Describe how a range of criminal justice agencies and non-governmental organisations respond to crime. Discuss contemporary issues and emerging questions in the field of criminology.


If you’re fascinated by the legal system, understanding how and why crime occurs, and would like to develop skills and knowledge relevant to a range of related careers, this diploma is for you. You’ll explore issues such as antisocial behaviour, surveillance, security, social justice, social welfare and environmental degradation. In this diploma, you’ll also take a critical and analytical view of the role and functions of the legal system, and examine its relationship with criminal behaviour.

Key features of the course

  • Get to grips with the complex issues behind today’s crime, law and justice headlines
  • Understand, interpret and apply concepts about crime and law to the real world
  • Learn the tools of the trade for these two crucial subjects
  • Build a solid foundation for further study

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